Got a Burning Question?

Questions and curiosity and doubt and wonder are foundational to faith. That’s why we love questions and are eager to help you find answers. Please email us at [email protected] with any question on any topic. Of course, we also understand that self-study is vital to all learning. So here are a few excellent free resources for growing, curious Christians. ¬†Happy hunting!

John Piper was the lead pastor of Minneapolis’ Bethlehem Baptist Church for over thirty years. His teaching, preaching and writing are known world-wide. This site has biblical answers to well over a thousand questions. We heartily endorse ALMOST all of them. (Only the Bible gets our 100% endorsement. Actually, we are working to live up to IT!) Their web site is right HERE.

The Colson Center has produced a series of short videos addressing numerous hot-button questions about how to understand our culture from a Christian perspective. We agree with and appreciate ALMOST every one of them. (Only the Bible gets our 100% endorsement, like we just said!) Find their online home right HERE.

Mike Heiser was an Old Testament scholar who made quite a splash in the American Christian pool with his willingness to engage issues nobody else would touch. We cannot agree with everything he said, but we DO appreciate a great deal of it. And nobody else went the places he was willing to go, with a sane, sensible, scriptural response to some of the weirdest stuff you’ll ever see. (Remember, only the Bible… well, you know!) Check out those videos right HERE.