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This is why it’s just a matter of time.

This is why it's only a matter of time. We WILL gather in person again. It's just what Christians do. By the way, do you remember hearing me say there are some preachers I almost always agree with? Mark Dever is one of them. In fact, when he and the elders of Capitol...

Non-toxic Masculinity

  America is staggering once more with a spate of horrifying violence. Mass shootings in Texas, Ohio, and California have claimed the lives of astonishing numbers of innocent people who thought they were just at a party or a festival to have a good time, but...

Three Biggies

One we’ve done for years, one we’ve done for decades, and one is brand new! July 21, 6PM Our friends the Agape Puppets have been coming to Dundalk every summer for years now, bringing fun and faith to children and families in Jesus’ name. Plan on being here to enjoy...