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Pastors Are Elders?

In the New Testament, there are only two kinds of church leaders. The first is deacons, mature believers appointed to lead a specific practical ministry in the church. Just one Greek word is used for this office: diakonos. It’s a very basic word for a servant, an...

Are Traditional Christian Sexual Morals Immoral?

Those of us who grew up with old-fashioned ideas about sexual behavior and misbehavior often feel like we have fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole. What was widely considered immoral when we were younger is now often considered perfectly acceptable. What is more – and...


In 1993, Bill Murray starred in a cute little movie called Groundhog Day. The premise of the movie was simple, and hilarious: a newscaster wakes up every morning to find out that he's living Groundhog Day, February 2, all over again, which means that he can decide...