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A question about Gaza

A church member asked me, "Pastor, is the Gaza in Jeremiah 47 the same as the Gaza that's in the news today?" My answer was "yes." Then I explained: In chapter 47, Jeremiah is pronouncing judgment from God on the ancient Philistines. This is part of a stretch of...


Before I say anything else, I simply need to beg you to pray for peace and for mercy in the Holy Land. All of us are watching the events there with horror at what has transpired and dread of what has yet to take place. What Hamas did October 7th was entirely...

Are the Ten Commandments for Christians?

The Ten Commandments (“t10C” for short) are for everyone. There are some modern believers who insist that t10C were given only to the ancient nation of Israel, and apply only to the ancient nation of Israel. Christians in particular, they say, are no longer bound to...