Zelle is a tool for transferring money directly from your bank account to someone else’s — including your church. Most banks offer it as a free service to their customers. If you are comfortable with online banking, and you want a quick, easy, absolutely free way to give, this is your clearest route. Below are some (easy-as-possible) instructions.

  1. Find out if your bank offers money transfer using Zelle. If it does, the bank’s website or mobile app should have basic instructions for setup. Then…
  2. Add a new contact in Zelle.
    • First name – First Baptist
    • Last Name – Church Dundalk
    • Email Address – [email protected]
  3. Save the contact information.
  4. Whenever you send money, you can add a note for your records, if you like.
  5. Zelle will give you the name of our church treasurer as the person who is receiving the money. 
  6. FBCD will be notified by email when the funds are received.
  7. The funds will go to your tithe unless you email or call us letting us know it is for something else.
  8. As always, we will keep track of your giving and add it to your tax statement at the end of the year.