PRAISE GOD WE’RE GETTING BACK TOGETHER! This page is to share some crucial information about how things will be done for at least the month of June. 

  1. We will seek to closely follow guidelines from the Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery and from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC guidelines can be read by clicking right HERE

2. Stay home from church if you are ill or have a fever. Then please also do the following:

    a. Call a medical professional immediately and comply with any further instructions.

    b. Call, text, or email Pastor Chris or one of the deacons as soon as possible to let us know what’s happening           with you, so the church family can pray for you and help in any other way possible.

    c. If you become ill or develop a fever while at church, let a deacon or pastor know immediately.

3. Sunday morning’s worship service will begin promptly at 10:30, and end no later than 11:30. The service will be livestreamed on Facebook, and available for listening by telephone at 410-886-7302. 

4. Childcare will not be provided for Sunday services yet. Children are welcome to take part in the worship services, under adult supervision.

5. There will be no Sunday School (small-group Bible study) for at least the month of June. When we do restart Sunday School, it will probably look a good bit different.

6. In the worship hall, pews will be clearly marked to maintain appropriate distancing during the worship service. People who live in the same home may sit as a group. Please obey signs.

7. Masks must be worn by all in attendance, with the exception of the preacher, who will be separated from listeners by 20 feet or more while speaking. When not on the platform, he, too will wear a mask.

8. Hand sanitizer will be available and its use highly encouraged.

9. Hugging and hand-shaking are strongly discouraged. Yes, we know the Bible says to greet one another with a holy kiss or the right hand of fellowship, but we’re not quite ready for that yet. The “glory hallelujah elbow bump” will have to do for now.

10. The Lord’s Supper will be served using individually pre-packaged juice and wafers. Instructions will be on the screen when you enter.

11. Remember, Sunday morning services will begin promptly at 10:30, and end no later than 11:30. We need to be out of the parking lot by noon, so Iglesia Dios de Pactos can begin preparing the space for their drive-in services. 


The COVID-19 plague has been horrible for our country in many ways, but God has seen us through this far. Americans and Marylanders, too, have helped to blunt the terrible edge of the knife by observing rules like these. As Maryland moves to each next stage of the Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery, FBCD-specific guidelines will also be gradually relaxed. Until the virus is fully defeated, let’s love one another by protecting one another whenever we gather.